Reminder to all students

A reminder to all students that Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September are inset days. Students will return to school on Wednesday 6th September.

Summer is here

The summer holidays have arrived and we wish all of our students, parents and carers a safe and happy summer. See you in September.


Braybrook Student Transfer 2017

All Braybrook students transferring to The Midpoint Centre will have their transition week from the 17th – 21st July 2017. All students will be expected to be in full uniform (plain black shoes / trainers, black trousers or skirt, black pullover and a white shirt). The day starts at 9.00 and finishes at 2.30., for all students. If students or parents have any concerns please contact Mr Hucknall on 01902 551696 and he will be happy to help.

The Autumn term will start on Wednesday 6th September at 9.00.


Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays 2017. The Midpoint Centre will finish on Friday 21st July and will reopen to students on Wednesday 6th September 2017. During this period can I ask all staff and students to keep safe both in the community and on line. Your safety is our main concern. Enjoy the break!




Exam Completion

Following the successful exam season staff and students eagerly await results day on Thursday 24th August 2017. Midpoint students will have their results posted to them. They will arrive on the 24th August 2017.


If you have changed address please contact Midpoint Centre as soon as possible.


Important E-Safety Update: Snapchat

We understand that our students enjoy using the Internet and apps in a safe and positive way. Recently there have been changes made to the app ‘Snapchat’. Please find the recently released guidelines regarding the Snap Map feature:

This location based map allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, as well as seeing location based photos and videos. The Snap Map shows a user’s Bitmoji, their cartoon avatar within Snapchat, pinpointed on a world map. Users can then zoom into the map to see the exact location of their friends.

You can find out more here.

Skilled Craftmanship

Midpoint Centre students have been hard at work during their woodwork lessons showing off their skilled workmanship with wood. This included creating a jewellery box, 3D designs and creating an occasional table.

World Champion

Last week our very own Mr Gray competed in the IPF World Powerlifting Championships in Minsk, Belarus. Congratulations to Mr Gray on becoming the World Champion! Find out about his experience below:

“I arrived in Belarus as part of the GB power lifting team for the ‘World Power Lifting Championships’. Belarus used to be part of the Soviet Union; Minsk is the capital of Belarus. It is a beautiful city and has a really modern feel.

I felt nervously confident about dethroning Jeffery Phillips of the USA; who was the current World Champion. On the day of the competition, I felt nervous but with the mind set of a winner. My goal is to be the best in all that I do. ‘Believe to Achieve’ which is coincidentally the Midpoint motto.

My training had been intensive and I felt strong and motivated. On that day I felt ready to take on the world and in training I had already lifted 240kg. I wanted that win and I wanted to break the existing World Record. I am David Gray and I am the new World Champion and Record holder. I did that! ”


It’s a world record 242.5kg deadlift!


Congratulations to Mr Gray. He has demonstrated that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything that you want.


Exam update

Please note that the following arrangements will be in place for exams:


Thursday 18th May   Science at 9.00am   (Year 10 will be in at 11.00am)

Friday 19th Functional Skills English Yr10  (There will be no Year 11 in today)

Monday 22nd English GCSE  (Year 10 in at 11.00am)