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 Message from the Head Teacher


IMG_0705aaWelcome to The Midpoint Centre. We are a Key Stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit that offers appropriate intervention to students with social and behavioural difficulties. We work with students who have been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion. We support all our students through a tailored curriculum and a range of early intervention strategies.

Midpoint works in partnership with the local authority, mainstream schools, academies and parents/carers as well as other organisations. We work together to support the academic and social development of all our students, preparing them for a successful future. We have high expectations of our students. This includes wearing school uniform, a commitment to improving behaviour and attendance and a desire to make accelerated progress in their learning.

Students have access to a range  of academic and 9_learningvocational. We are supported by specialist Teachers, Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Lawnswood Integrated Therapy Service (LITS), and other agencies such as CAMHS and Wolverhampton Connexions.

We are proud of the service that we provide at The Midpoint Centre and hope that you will have a positive experience when working with us.

Mr R Callaghan
Head of The Midpoint Centre