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  • School Open – 5/3/18 - The Midpoint Centre is open as normal today.
  • Snow Closure – 2/3/18 - Due to adverse weather conditions The Midpoint Centre  will be closed tomorrow (2/3/18) to all students and staff.
  • Student Reminder – Half term - Students at The Midpoint Centre will break up on Thursday 15th February. They will return to school on Monday 26th February.  
  • Knife Crime Campaign -   West Midlands Police are currently running a knife crime campaign. Take a look at their recent posters in support of the campaign. PARENT KNIFE LEAFLET SAVE A LIFE POSTER ONE KNIFE ONE LIFE POSTER
  • CPD – Virtual Reality - Teachers across Lawnswood Campus participated in a very exciting session that marks our journey into the future. Our e-learning group tested out the very latest virtual reality gadgets to hit classrooms. They explored augmented reality science lessons and walked along a virtual Wall of China. They tested out the latest Lego Education WeDo kit and […]
  • Welcome Back! -  

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